Happy Moon Festival! Celebrate with Mooncakes from TANG The Asian Food Emporium


Mooncakes from TANG The Asian Food Emporium

Happy Moon Festival!  Today is the day of the full moon in the eighth month of the lunar calendar and the day to celebrate time with family.  Moon cakes are the traditional celebration food for the Moon Festival and come in many different flavours, savoury and sweet. If you are looking for Mooncakes, either in tin cans of anything from two to sixteen or individually wrapped, ready for gift giving, the incredible selection of flavours at TANG The Asian Food Emporium (formerly Great Eastern Food Centre) will delight. Flavours to tantalise the taste buds like green tea paste, white lotus paste, mung bean paste and divine sweeties in the snowy/icy Mooncake range like double chocolate, strawberry crunch, pandang and chocolate pearls are just some of the delicious choices on offer.

Variety and extensive choice is what TANG The Asian Food Emporium, conveniently situated at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne, is all about.  Appearing in The Urban List as one of 7 of Melbourne’s Best Asian Grocers, writer Luna Soo was impressed at how many choices a shopper is presented with at this incredible Asian food grocery store.  As she states “if you want something, chances are they’ve got several varieties of it.” – See more

And a write up in Broadsheet on some of Melbourne’s top Asian supermarkets also mentions the selection of Sake on offer at TANG, along with fresh fruit and vegetables “ always  fresh”.  You will find a large range of Asian cuisines on the shelves including Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian groceries as well as snacks, pre-cooked foods, desserts, fresh produce and fresh meat.


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