Great Range of Asian Groceries at TANG The Asian Food Emporium

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If you’ve never been spoilt for choice before when it comes to quality Asian groceries, then just visit TANG The Asian Food Emporium. They stock thousands of Asian groceries including staples like rice, noodles, spices and sauces in a myriad of choices. sauces

Owners Elisa and Sio Tang wanted to include many different Asian cuisines to their successful Asian grocery store and moved to the current site so they would have the space to stock the large range they now boast. Their aim was to provide Melburnians with the full range of Asian groceries from Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Thai cuisines as well as fresh produce and fresh meat. Their range includes pre-cooked foods, frozen foods, desserts, groceries, snacks, rice, noodles, beverages, confectionery, cooking wines and vinegars, sake and plum wines.

variety foods

Walking through their large, busy and well stocked store at 185 Russell Street in Melbourne you will find a large selection of bottled and tinned drinks include teas – an exotic rose tea catches the imagination, coffees, aloe vera drinks, coconut water drinks, juices and soft drinks like Grape Fanta.

canned drinks

The snacks are fascinating, available in South Asian, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and Chines cuisines. The South Asian snacks include seaweed snacks, pastries and fruit puddings like lychee, mango and strawberry. Jackfruit and sweet potato chips and vegetable gummys are somewhat exotic. Japanese snacks are mainly sweet with biscuits, chocolates, rice cakes and corn snacks as well as sauces. There is a fantastic range of chocolates, candies and desserts from a number of brands and countries to satisfy any sweet tooth! The health and well-being section carries a range of Chinese medicines, ginseng, balms and lotions, and cough and cold relief.


The new TANG website carries the full product range so you can check out what is in stock before you visit and the handy store map will help you find your favourites.  Happy eating!


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