Find Your Chinese Cooking Ingredients At Asian Grocery Store In The Heart of Melbourne

front counter

If you love Chinese food and want to cook dishes that are authentic and a lot more interesting than dishes you’ll find at the Chinese Takeaway visit TANG The Asian Food Emporium.  Who doesn’t love dumplings? If you don’t know how to make them yourself you can get ready made dumplings at this well stocked Asian grocery.  Try the Chinese Royal Kitchen dumpling range which includes chicken and mushroom and pork and cabbage dumplings or the Hong Men Ju range which includes prawn chive pork dumplings and seafood and pork dumplings. The mouth waters!

If you love dumplings you’ll love the Bi Feng Teng dumpling soup range, which includes Shepherds Purse dumpling soup and three delicacies dumpling soup.  Another delicacy you’ll find to delight the palate are pork balls.  TANG stocks the Chinese Royal Kitchen pork ball range, including pork and mushroom balls and Hsin Chu pork balls.  For an extra treat try the QQ lobster balls. If you are cooking up a Chinese meal from scratch you will find fantastic spices and sauces like a soup base for hot & spicy hotpot, Elegant Flower brand star anise, Sichuan peppercorn and dried liquorice or Baiwezhian Sichuan chilli.

Situated at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne the grocery store carries a wide range of popular and hard to find Asian groceries, frozen produce, fresh produce and beverages.  You’ll find ingredients for other cuisines as well as Chinese including Malaysian, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Taiwanese.  A store map on their website is a great help in locating the particular ingredients you seek.  Happy cooking.


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