Exotic Beverages From TANG The Asian Food Ëmporium

canned drinks

If you love your teas and coffees, juices and drinks of the more exotic variety then you will simply adore the selection available in the heart of Melbourne at TANG the Asian Food Emporium.  The range of instant beverages includes coffee sticks and sachets, powder teas, even cereal drinks and delectable teas like rose, ginger lemon or fairy peach green.  The grocery store/supermarket also has a great variety of bottled and canned drinks.

The range of coffees includes white coffee sticks and sachets in the Old Town and Aik Cheong brands, bottled coffee from DyDo and coffee cans in the Sangaria and Suntory Boss range, which include black, white, espresso, premium, café au lait, Columbian, latte and demitasse. The tea range is enormous – the delicious Tingyi range of bottled teas includes a Red Date flavoured drink and there is an exotic Rose Tea in the Uni President brand.  The Kirin brand range of bottled teas includes a refreshing Lemon Afternoon Tea and Mr. Kang Honey Grapefruit Tea.  Packaged teas include Green Tea Powder in the Yamama and Uji brands as well as a Special Gunpowder Green in the Camel brand, a China Green Tea and Jasmine tea from Global Procurement.  A refreshing Ginger drink and Ginger Lemon Tea are stocked in the Gold Kili brand. You will find your Chinese Teas, Formosan Teas and Oolong Teas in the Kambow, Global Procurement and Justmake Taiwan Tea brands.

Decorative jars of tea, suitable for gifts, are available from the Fujian Blue Lake range, they include Pi Lo Jasmine Tea, Fairy Peach Green Tea and High Mountain Oolong Tea.  Some exotic drinks in the bottled range include a Herb Chrysanthemum Drink, a Milkis Soda Beverage, a Ribbon Drink, Bikkle and Coconut Water With Jelly. More choices are Root Beer, Fanta, Grape Fanta and Coca Cola from the imported can range, Hey Song brand Sarsparilla, Aloe Vera Drinks and Juices.

Tempt your tastebuds and check out the full range of beverages at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne. Refer to the TANG website for more information.


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