Sweet Asian Desserts at TANG The Asian Food Emporium

Mooncake stand

Do you love your sweeties? Try out some of the Asian desserts at TANG The Asian Food Emporium.    You will find Iced desserts, tinned desserts, ready made cakes and cake mixes as well as glutinous rice balls in some intriguing flavours from Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore at this very popular grocery store/supermarket at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.

Yum, yum – rice balls are delicious and TANG The Asian Food Emporium stock a great range of sweet glutinous rice balls, from China, Taiwan and Singapore.  Look for these –

Chinatown brand – yam paste, peanut and white sesame, black sesame and red bean paste.
San Quan brand – the range includes kiwi.

Ice Creams and Iced Confections from Japan are exotic and delectable.  Check these out –
Imuraya  brand Taiyaki flavour ice cream.
Lotte brand ice creams  in mini Macha & Chocolate Cup, Cookies & Cream and  Uji Kintoki flavours.
Apollo and Wagashi brands – Mini Mochi and Mochi.
Imuraya brand  Azuki Iced Bar
 Imuraya Morinaga Choco Monaka Jumbo Ice Block
Meiji Imuraya brand  Azuki Ice Cup

Cakes  from Japan are available as ready-made and also as mixes.  A must try are the mugcake mixes – made in a mug!  Try these out –
Tai Sun brand Caramel and Vanilla Mugcake mixes
Nagatanien brand Mugcake mix range
Morinaga brand Hotcake Wheat Flour mix
Packaged cakes, ready to eat are –
Sansheisa Co. brand Natcha Castella Wheat Flour Cake
Maruto Seiko Co.  brand – Nagasaki Castella Wheat Flour Cake

For a different cuisine and taste again there are the tinned desserts from Taiwan.  Ready to eat, try –
Taisun brand Mixed Congee and Mixed Congee with Okinawa Brown Sugar
Famous House brand Mung Bean Soup with Oats and Oatmeal, Milk Peanut Soup

The store map on the website will help you locate the goodies you are looking for.


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