Authentic Japanese Ingredients For Your Japanese Feast

Tang exterior 1

If you love Japanese food or are just curious to try it – you must visit this Asian Food Emporium in the heart of Melbourne, near Chinatown. TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russel Street has a huge range of Japanese ingredients, foods and drinks. If you are one of many young Australians who visited Japan as a post graduate to teach English, to go skiing or snowboarding and greatly enjoyed the culture and the food and miss the cuisine, you can prepare your own Japanese feast with authentic ingredients from TANG.
There is a large range of soy sauces in many brands, including the Kikkoman and Mizkan ranges. The Ebara cooking sauce range includes Teriyaki Sauce and there is a variety of sauces in the Otafuku Seasoning Sauce range. You will find Tongkatsu Sauce – Fruit & Veg, Sesame Dressings, Mayonnaise, Goma Dressing, Cooking Rice Wine, Mirin Sweet Cooking Sauce and Sushi Seasoning Sauce.

The range of Seasoning Mixes is impressive with the Marumiya brand Matsutake Kamameshi Cooking Seasoning Mix and Gomoku Kamameshi, Golden and Vermont curry mixes, Bonito flavoured seasoning, Ramen Soup Seasoning, Marutomo Seasoning Shin Jikabi Hon Katsuo and Rice Seasoning.  Also stocked are Dried and Shaved Bonito, Rice Topping, Dried and Roasted Seaweed and soup stocks.

The traditional foods are there – Bean Curd, including Prepared Fried Bean Curd and a range of Miso Paste concentrates from Myasaka Jyozo Co., Miko and Mikari brands, including organic Red Miso Paste.  Also Wakame Seaweed Instant Miso Soup, Yam Paste and Sushi Rice. There is a huge range of Udon, Soba and  Somen noodles,including several organic ranges, buckwheat, buckwheat noodle Japanese Vermicilli and Yam Paste Noodles

Yummy snack foods on the shelves include a range of Rice Crackers, Frozen Soy Beans, Cakes, Ice Creams, Cream Cookies, Pocky Chocolate, Sweet Rice Cakes and Caramel Corn snacks.  Don’t forget the Saki!  Samurai Sake, Classic Junmai Sake, Junmai Gold Sake, Sparkling Sake and Nigori Sake are just a few on offer.


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