Sauces, Pickles and Marinades Add Extra Taste and Spice at TANG


It’s those little finishing touches that make a meal extra delectable, like pickles or sauces.  TANG The Asian Food Emporium, at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne, (formerly Great Eastern Food Centre) carry a fascinating range of Asian pickles, such as pickled sliced lettuce, pickled whole cucumbers, seasoned bamboo shoots or fried gluten with peanuts. When it comes to sauces for Asian style cooking, of course there is a great collection of soy sauces – try dark soy sauce, soy sauce paste, thin soy sauce, sweet soy sauce or tamari naturally brewed soy sauce. Then there’s teriyaki sauce, yuzu juice, deep roasted sesame dressing, veg & fruit sauce, seasoning sauces, goma sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, dumpling sauce and mayonnaise.  Some extra special tastes can be added with plum flavoured fermented bean curd, vegetarian barbeque sauce or satay black bean paste and Asian food needs sesame oil, which comes pure or blended.

If you want to cook hot Asian dishes there’s a great selection of chilli and curry sauces and pastes. Red curry paste, green curry paste, Thai chilli past, super hot paste, super hot chilli vegetarian paste, chilli with soybean paste, premium fresh chilli, bean curd with spicey bean sauce and chilli jam.  The mouth is watering! Readymade curries are tasty and are an easy introduction to popular Asian dishes – Singapore curry, laksha noodle dish with spicey coconut and rending Asian dry curry. You can find shrimp chilli sauce, peking duck sauce, chicken rice chilli sauce, hot and spicey marinades and hot pepper paste for bibibap on the shelves at TANG The Asian Food Emporium. The store map helps you plan your shopping when you visit the store.  Happy cooking!


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