TANG The Asian Food Emporium Caters To Asian Students In Melbourne


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Chinese people are now the third largest migrant group in Australia after migrants from the U.K. and New Zealand and also the third largest migrant group in Melbourne, after migrants from the U.K. and India. Chinese-born migrants living in Melbourne grew considerably in the last fifteen years, more than doubling between 2001 and 2011 (from 36,000 to 90,000 people). Last year 88,000 Chinese students were enrolled in Australian universities.

The proximity to China and the closer time zones than the U.S. or Canada , coupled with the country’s internationally recognised universities and established international student programs, means Australia offers a compelling destination for China’s middle class students.  TANG The Asian Food Emporium caters to Chinese migrants, as well as Taiwanese, Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Korean migrants, with food sourced from their homelands. They specialise in stocking many of the popular brands and foods that are familiar from home.

With new students beginning their studies at major universities such as Melbourne University and R.M.I.T. TANG The Asian Food Emporium are starting a campaign to advertise their Asian Grocery Supermarket directly to Asian students. Situated conveniently in the CBD at 185 Russell Street, near the universities and catering to their traditional tastes this Asian Grocery Supermarket offers students much they will enjoy.  Any student who shows their student card at the checkout and joins the TANG facebook page on their mobile device will be invited to join the Privilege Club. As members of the Privilege Club they will receive ongoing discounts, and for students, a special 10% discount on their first purchase during March and April. With Chinese New Year festivities in full swing traditional New Year foods are available, such as Tang Yuan (sticky rice balls) and year round a large variety of popular snacks such as Pocky Chocolate, rice crackers and Kracie decoration cake are sure to please.


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