Specials For The Fifteenth and Last Day of Chinese New Year Festival

Glutinous Rice Balls stocked at TANG

Glutinous Rice Balls stocked at TANG

Today is the 15th and last day of the Chinese New Year Festival. It is the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day and is often celebrated with night markets and lanterns. One of the traditions of this day is to place the first sentence of a poem upon the lanterns, with the game being to guess the last sentence. Young lovers enjoy visiting the night markets and guessing the riddles on the lanterns together.

The traditional food for feasting on this last day is glutinous rice ball, known as Tang Yuan. Being round they symbolise completeness, unity and the full circle. To celebrate glutinous rice balls are on special today at Melbourne’s popular Asian grocery supermarket, TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne. Laurel’s Brand 200g glutinous rice ball sesame flavour is only $1.80 (was $3.20), 200g glutinous rice ball peanut flavour and black glutinous rice ball sesame flavour are now only $2.60 (was $3.20).  This generous Special finishes today.

Other ongoing Specials are:

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles 110g x 4packs
Now only $2.40 (was $3.90)
Nong Shim Shrimp flavoured Cracker 75g
A cheap snack at 90 cents (was $1.20)
Nong Shim Shrimp Meat Chip 75g
So affordable only $1.20 (was $1.60)
Nong Shim Onion Flavoured Rings 90g
More yummy snacks at only $1.50 (was $1.90)
Kikkoman Soy Sauce
Tokusen Marudaizu Shoyu 1L
Great savings! $9.90 (was $11.50)
Yeo’s Pure Sesame Oil 375ml
Walking out the door at $7.90 (was $8.40)

Don’t miss out on these great Specials.  Call in today, conveniently open from 10am to 11pm.


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