The Most Popular Brands of Asian Groceries Available In Melbourne

customers sign entrance

Customers at Tang The Asian Food Emporium

TANG Asian Food Emporium is an Asian Grocery Store/Supermarket in the heart of Melbourne, specialising in supplying regional foods from countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea. With a large and growing population of people from Asian countries in Melbourne TANG Asian Food Emporium (formerly Great Eastern Food Centre) offers the broadest range and the highest quality in Asian groceries. Many people seek their favourite brands from their homeland and TANG strives to offer these brands in their store. They constantly travel to the different regions throughout Asia sourcing popular brands and foods. The owners, Elisa and Sio Tang are always looking for the latest products and most popular foods, snacks and drinks from Asia.

Many students from Asian countries pine for familiar foods, which they can’t find in ordinary supermarkets. They are delighted when they come into TANG Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street and find their favourite snacks, special drinks, familiar seasonings or favourite sweets. TANG want residents living in Melbourne to taste the exotic and flavoursome foods they stock. They run promotions, specials and have an active Facebook page, keeping their customers up to date.

Their website is also very helpful, listing the most sought after and also unusual products in categories on their Product page. There is also a store map so customers can familiarise themselves with where products are stocked within the store. The staff in-store are also very friendly and will help with any questions you have about their groceries or requests for specific brands or foods.


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