Lovers of Asian Cuisine Will Love This Asian Grocery Store In Melbourne


Owner Elisa Tang welcomes customers

Owner Elisa Tang welcomes customers

Do you love Asian cuisine? Do you like to experiment and cook with a variety of cuisines, such as Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese or Malaysian? Or do you prefer just one of these. Perhaps you have come from Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysia or your parents lived there before they immigrated to Australia. Perhaps you have grown up with Aussie food, which was based on English cuisine, but like to experiment and broaden your palate. Whatever your background you will find ingredients, foods, snacks and drinks that are authentic to these Asian cuisines at TANG The Asian Food Emporium.

Formerly known as The Great Eastern Food Centre, this Asian grocery store come supermarket has been a fixture in Melbourne for over twenty five years. It began as a small grocery store in Swanston Street and expanded to a larger store in Little Bourke Street until they moved to their current premises at 185 Russell Street, where they were able to further expand and stock a larger range and selection of Asian groceries. The owners, Sio and Elisa Tang, focus on obtaining the brands that are popular in their country of origin. Customers are delighted to find the brands and products that they miss from back home and newcomers to the store enjoy the new tastes they have never been exposed to before.

This Asian grocery/supermarket runs regular Specials, which are promoted on their Facebook page. It is worth keeping in touch by liking their FB page as you will save heaps on some of their Specials. For example, current Specials will save you $6.20 on Chung Jung One Brand 2kg Sunchang Gochujang (Hot Pepper Paste), or $3.00 on Yamasa Brand 500g Usukuchi Marudaizu Shoyu Soy Sauce or $2.40 on Sau Tao Brand 1.36kg Dried Noodle (all types). They also have a Privilege Membership program, which regular customers can sign up to in-store to receive a discount on all purchases and other promotions. So call into TANG soon and check out this wonderland of Asian groceries, they are open daily from 10am to 11pm.


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