South Asian Snacks, Japanese Snacks, Korean Snacks, Chinese Snacks & Taiwanese Snacks

Checking out the snacks at TANG

Checking out the snacks at TANG

What is delightful about this Asian grocery store/supermarket is the incredible range of foods and beverages stocked on its shelves and in its fridges. For new customers not conversant with the many products and brands from Asia it is a veritable marketplace of exotic tastes. For customers used to shopping for Asian groceries it has all the recognised brands and favourite tastes from home.

Everyone loves a snack and the range of both sweet and savoury snacks in this store make your mouth water. Students in particular from nearby universities come in often to pick up their favourites. In the South Asian snack category purple sweet potato chips and jackfruit chips, crispy seaweed snacks (hot &spicy and wasabi), mixed fruit chips and roasted groundnuts will delight your tastebuds along with sweet treats like sina ginger candy, lychee pudding with nata de coco, Hello Pando strawberry cream filled cookies, Yan Yan Velvety strawberry or chocolate flavoured cream, dried mangoes and delicious Charbroil Hiong Piah original pastries.

The constant stream of customers to Tang The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne attest to the variety and quality of foods it carries.  You will find Japanese snacks, for example authentic rice crackers, including wasabi flavours, green tea chocolate, roasted green peas, Pocky chocolate (almond crush, strawberry and chocolate flavours) and many, many other delightfully flavoured chocolates, Japanese cookies and the sublime candy flavours – try milky smile, honey & apple, apricot, cherry, plum, peach, soda, muscat, crème brulee, grape, lemonade or mango. How could you stop at just one?

With so much more to choose from, there’s also Korean snacks, Chinese snacks and Taiwanese snacks, you will be tempted. Fortunately they run regular specials and have a Privilege Card for regular customers that offers ongoing discounts.   Check out some of the incredible range of Asian groceries on their website or visit the store



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