Lovers of Korean Cuisine Will Find The Ingredients They Want At This Asian Grocery Store

Korean BBQ Sauce Marinade

Korean BBQ Sauce Marinade

For lovers of Korean cuisine there is an Asian Grocery Store/Supermarket in the heart of Melbourne that carries a great range of Korean ingredients to make that delectable Korean dish you so love! They stock the Assi brand and Shin Sun Mi brand of oriental noodles plus the Wang Korea brand kal kuk soo knife cut noodle, also several brands of soba buckwheat noodle and the Ottogi brand rice noodle.  TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne also carry a delicious range of Korean spices, marinades, soup stocks, sauces and beverages.  They stock the Chung Jung One brand classic sunchang hot pepper paste, hot & spicy kalbee marinade, hot pepper paste for bibibap, miso soy bean paste and Korean bbq marinades –  pork kalbi, beef kalbi and beef bulgogi. The Korean bbq sauce is also available in the Beksul brand – spicy bulgogli, spicy sauce of braised chicken and kalbi marinade.  Alongside these sauces you will also find Wang Korea brand japchae Korean style noodle sauce.

Other Korean cuisine delights stocked at this Asian grocery store are Surasang brand roasted corn, Wombtree brand Kentucky chicken powder, Ottogi brand pancake mix, CJ brand dasida soup stock, Ducsan brand red pepper powder and Yissine brand hot pepper sauce for topokki.  Also in stock are some lovely beverages – Woongjin brand morning rice drink, Dongsuh brand 100% roasted barley tea and the Shin Sun Mi brand honey citron and honey jujube teas.

TANG The Asian Food Emporium are a  popular Melbourne Asian grocery that have been trading for over twenty years, formerly as the Great Eastern Food Centre.  They stock a great range of groceries for all Asian food cuisines. They are open 7 days a week, from 10am to 11pm.


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