New Japanese Snacks At TANG The Asian Food Emporium

For a truly authentic range of Asian foods you can’t go past TANG The Asian Food Emporium in the Melbourne CBD at 185 Russel Street.  If you love Japanese food you must visit this Asian Food Emporium as they have a huge range of Japanese ingredients, foods and drinks. New products on the shelves this week are predominantly snack foods from Japan adding to their already impressive range.

Visit the store to find Kabaya Tsukutte Miyo Jui-C Confectionery


Tsukuttemiyou Ramune, Tsukuttemiyou Sakusaku Panda Chocolate, Kracie Confectionery, Neru Neru Nerune Soda Cooking Mix and Neru Neru Nerune Budou Cooking Mix, Ujimac Cha & Milk Choc Cookies and Pine Salt Sport Candy – all from Japan.


Other new products are Shucai brand Chinese Jujubes and Hadong brand Organic Green Tea from Korea.


If you like to cook Japanese cuisine you will be delighted with their large range of Japanese ingredients, including soy sauces in many brands, including Kikkoman and Mizkan and Ebara brand Teriyaki Sauce as well as a variety of seasoning sauces from the Otafuku range. Sesame Dressings, Mayonnaise, Goma Dressing, Cooking Rice Wine, Mirin Sweet Cooking Sauce and Sushi Seasoning Sauce are also in stock. You can get that lovely authentic taste easily with the range of seasoning mixes, curry mixes, bonito flavoured seasoning, soup seasoning and rice seasoning available along with all the traditional foods. There’s Bean Curd, including Prepared Fried Bean Curd and a range of Miso Paste concentrates Wakame Seaweed, Sushi Rice, Udon, Soba and Somen noodles.

The Japanese snack range is extensive and yummy with a range of Rice Crackers, Frozen Soy Beans, Cakes, Ice Creams, Cream Cookies, Pocky Chocolate, Sweet Rice Cakes and Caramel Corn snacks as well as confectionery.  Call in anytime between 10am and 11pm 7 days a week to purchase your Japanese ingredients and snacks. You will love the range of brands and groceries.


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