Many Varieties of Rice and Dumplings At This Asian Grocery/Supermarket

Great variety of dumplings and groceries at TANG

Great variety of dumplings and groceries at TANG

Rice is a staple of Asian dishes and the leading Asian grocery store in Melbourne, TANG The Asian Food Emporium carry a good range of rice.  On their shelves you’ll find a selection of Thai rice, the CTF brand Extra Super Quality Thai Black Glutinous Rice, Capital Asian Groceries brand Nature Food Thai Jasmine Red Rice, Royal Umbrella brand Thai Jasmine Rice, Coconut brand Thai Brown Rice and New Eastland brand White Glutinous Rice. Ofcourse they stock rice from Japan, the Nomura & Co. brand Kokuho Rose Sushi Rice and the Sakura brand Multi Grain Rice and Sweet Rice. You’ll find more black rice from China in the Saiwengfu brand Black Rice Selected Quality along with the Greenmax brand Fine Multi Grains Rice from Taiwan.

One of the most iconic Chinese foods are dumplings. Everyone loves a dumpling and with the increase in popularity of Yum Cha, dumplings are much in demand. TANG The Asian Food Emporium certainly don’t disappoint when it comes to a mouth-watering range of dumplings on offer. The Hong Men Ju brand of dumplings specialise in pork with Prawn, Chive, Pork dumplings and Seafood and Pork dumplings, Fish & Pork dumplings and Cucumber, Prawn & Pork dumplings, as well as Chicken & Mushroom dumplings. The Chinese Royal Kitchen brand has Chicken & Mushroom dumplings and Pork & Cabbage dumplings as well as a Pork Ball range. The Japanese Misori range has vegetable dumplings. These are just a few of the brands and flavours of dumplings stocked. A visit to this fantastic grocery store/supermarket at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne will reveal the enormous range of Chinese, Japanese and other Asian foods on their shelves.


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