New Cakes, Beverages and Biscuits Now Available At TANG The Asian Food Emporium


If you love Asian foods and drinks or just enjoy trying new tastes and recipes you’ll find a wonderland of food sensations at TANG The Asian Food Emporium. They stock a range of foods and beverages from Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia  and even Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

Recently they have introduced some great new products to their range. For lovers of cake the Bourbon range from Japan will satisfy sweet cravings, the Hakatou Cream Soft Cake and Banana Blanch Cake are both delicious and sell for $5.90, whilst the exotic Sylveine Chocolate Cake Rose and Sylveine Chocolate Cake With Green Tea are delectable and sell for $6.50. Also from Japan, the Kabaya brand Panda Biscuits, Vanilla flavour in a family pack are a great buy at $5.50. There are also new beverages on their shelves from Japan, the JFT brand Amazake Sweet Rice Drink selling for $7.80 and UCC brand Drip Coffee, in assorted flavours, selling for $14.90. From Korea the  Nokchawon brand Adlai Tea Mixed Cereal is soothing and delicious, selling for $6.50.

Some products that are always in demand are the Daichu brand Dried Seaweed from Japan, selling for $4.90,  BLK Enterprises brand Mineral Infused Water from Canada, selling for $6.00 and Outback Honey brand Organic Honey from Australia, selling for $10.50.

This gives you a small example of the range of groceries available at this fantastic Asian Grocery Store/Supermarket right in the heart of Melbourne town, at 185 Russell Street.  It is well worth a visit to check out the extensive range of foods and beverages stocked here and, with office workers in mind, they are open every day from 10am to 11pm.


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