Find Authentic Ingredients For Popular Asian Cuisines

Chinese cuisine has been very popular in Australia for a long time with Chinese Restaurants being the first to introduce an exotic cuisine to the Australian pallet. These days, whether from a western culture or Asian culture, more and more people are cooking their own Chinese meals. Sourcing authentic ingredients to get that unique taste is an important part of cooking Chinese. Other Asian dishes are also very popular in Australia now, such as Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese. Restaurants serving these cuisines have popped up everywhere and are well patronised. Once again, a growing number of people are wanting to cook these cuisines for themselves and seek out authentic ingredients to get the taste right.

The discovery of TANG The Asian Food Emporium has been a delight for their many regular customers and continues to be a great find for anyone looking for those authentic brands and ingredients for their Asian cooking. Situated at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne the store is very accessible. They have an incredible range of Asian groceries, from tinned goods to frozen foods to fresh foods to packaged foods, bottled and canned beverages, dried foods and even Chinese medicinal products. With frequent trips to Asia to source the latest, popular products and brands sold in Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia , Taiwan and Hong Kong the Tang family stock their shelves with groceries that are not easily found elsewhere in Melbourne.

They currently have Specials on warming curries from the S&B and Housefoods brands from Japan. The Tasty Curry Sauce Mix is on Special and comes in hot, mild and medium hot flavours and Golden Curry Sauce Mix comes in hot, mild, medium hot and extra hot flavours. Kokumaro Curry Sauce is hot with just two flavours – hot and medium hot; whilst Vermont Curry Sauce has hot, medium hot and mild flavours. All curries just $3.50!  Incredible savings from $1.00 to $1.70. Keep in touch on their facebook page for regular specials.


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