Japanese Food Suits Warmer Weather; Get Your Ingredients at This Asian Grocer

Soba noodles

Soba noodles

As the warmer weather approaches it’s time for a change in the menu.  The lighter dishes, particularly Japanese food, are good choices for hot, summer days.  Sushi has become incredibly popular in Melbourne with more and more sushi outlets opening up but it’s easy to make your own nori rolls which are great for lunch time or dinner, picnics, parties and even kid’s lunch boxes. You can pick up ingredients for making your own for nori rolls, such as sushi rice, pickled ginger, nori sheets, wasabi, rolling mats and more at TANG The Asian Food Emporium, conveniently situated at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.

If you prefer noodles to rice you’ll find a great selection of Japanese noodles, including soba and udon at this Asian food grocery/supermarket.  Soba noodles are made from buckwheat and have a distinctive nutty taste, they are traditionally served chilled with a dipping sauce or with toppings or in a broth but they are very versatile and are also delicious in salads.  A traditional Japanese dish makizushi combines cold soba wrapped in nori. Udon noodles are served chilled or in a broth, some dishes are very plain with the noodles being the main ingredient served with a dipping sauce, whilst others include vegetables, tofu and rice cake.  You’ll find a great variety of sauces to select from at TANG, including Tonkatsu Sauce, Okonomi Sauce, Yaki Soba Sauce, Takoyaki Sauce and a large selection of Soya Sauces, Seasoning Sauces and Cooking Sauces.

Check out the great range of Japanese ingredients on the TANG website or call into the store for a delightful, bustling shopping experience. Owner Elisa Tang and her staff are happy to help with any queries you have about Japanese ingredients.


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