Korean Cooking Now Popular With More Men, Get Your Ingredients At TANG!

Korean naengmyeon asian style noodles

Korean naengmyeon asian style noodles

It’s been reported that more males are taking up cooking Korean cuisine, so there’s bound to be an increase in demand for the traditional ingredients. Korean cuisine is very healthy, being largely based on rice, noodles, vegetables and meats. Traditional Korean meals are notable for the number of side dishes, called banchan, that accompany steam cooked rice or noodles.  Kimchi is very popular and nearly always served at each meal. Like Japanese cuisine, buckwheat noodles and rice noodles are commonly used. Fortunately for all those men wanting to cook up a delicious Korean dish  a great selection of Korean foods can be found at popular Asian Grocery Store, TANG The Asian Food Emporium, in Melbourne.

Cold Maguksu is perfect for a hot summer day, the cold buckwheat noodles and crunchy vegetables are so refreshing or try the spicy cold noodles in Bibimguksu.  Some delicious hot noodle dishes are Bapsong, noodles with black bean sauce and Bulgogi Japchae, stir fried noodles with Korean style beef.  There is so much variety and tastiness in Korean cuisine, if you love Korean food or if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s definitely worth checking out all the great ingredients at TANG, situated at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.

Their range of authentic Korean style noodles include the Assi brand Oriental style noodles – Pasta Assi Jjajangguksu, Pasta Assi Makguksu, Pasta Assi Kalguksu, Soba Buckwheat noodles and Wang Korea brand Kal Kuk Soo Knife Cut noodle as well as Ottogi brand Rice noodle. In packets you’ll find Hot Pepper Sauce for Topoki, Red Pepper Powder, Dasida Soup Stock and Korean Pancake Mix. There’s Classic Sungchang Hot Pepper Paste in a tub as well as Korean Miso Soy Paste. They carry a great variety of bottled sauces, Hot & Spicy Kalbee Marinade, Hot Sauce for Bibibap, Spicy Bulgogi Marinade, Kalbi Marinades and Korean Bar B Q Sauce.


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