Ingredients for Fabulous Asian Dishes In Melbourne

Shopping for Asian groceries at TANG

Shopping for Asian groceries at TANG

If you are an experienced cook of Asian dishes from Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Malaysian or Thai cuisines sourcing authentic ingredients for your dishes makes all the difference to the flavour and authenticity of the plate you bring to table. So finding an Asian Grocery/Supermarket in the heart of Melbourne that sells a fantastic range of ingredients for Asian meals is a boon to all the cooks of Asian food. Whether you have come from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia or Thailand or just like the flavours from those countries you will be delighted at the variety of brands and selection of groceries at TANG The Asian Food Emporium.

They also cater to the many students attending universities in Melbourne with a generous range of snack foods and easy to cook meals. Their South East Asian snacks, Japanese snacks, Taiwanese snacks, Chinese snacks, Korean snacks and confectionery will delight students and workers alike.  Teas and instant beverages are also available at this Asian Grocery in abundance, with a good selection of china tea, green teas, oolong teas, jasmine teas and rose teas from China, green teas and roasted barley teas from Japan with roasted barley, roasted corn, black tea latte, green tea latte and honey teas from Korea, black sesame cereal tea and yam and mixed cereal tea from Taiwan along with a variety of instant milk coffees from Malaysia.

Fresh food, frozen foods, canned foods, cooking wines and vinegars, noodles, rice, sauces and spices, beverages and teas, desserts, snacks and health and well-being products can all be sourced at this Asian grocery/supermarket. With one of the largest selections of Asian groceries in Melbourne you will be sure to find all the ingredients you need to make a fabulous meal, so head along to TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street today.


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