The City Supermarket That Specialises in Regional Foods from Asia

Elisa Tang Serves A Customer

Elisa Tang Serves A Customer

Specialising in regional foods from Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea there’s an Asian Grocery/Supermarket in Russell Street, Melbourne that stocks all the ingredients you need to cook authentic dishes from any of these Asian cuisines. This thriving store is always full of customers seeking out ingredients for traditional dishes that will be cooked for family and friends, students looking for quick meals and snacks and an ever growing customer base of those learning to cook authentic Asian dishes. The management and staff are always available to help customers if they have any questions about suitable ingredients or where to find produce in the store. Elisa Tang, one of the owners, works in the store and she is happy to help customers, as she knows all about Asian groceries, having worked in this type of business since she was at school.

On a visit to this unique store you will find a fantastic range of brands and products from fresh and frozen produce to tinned, packaged and bottled goods, snacks, drinks, desserts, spices and flavourings and complementary health products. To help you source the ingredients, snacks, drinks or complementary medicines you want, TANG The Asian Food Emporium have a Products Page on their website that lists many of their most popular and more unusual products by product type and region. The website also has a Store Map so you can work out where the products you wish to purchase are placed in the store prior to visiting there in person to make your shopping trip more efficient and productive,

Tang The Asian Food Emporium is situated at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne for the convenience of city dwellers and city workers alike with friendly trading hours 10am to 11pm daily. They have regular specials, so keep an eye out for a bargain when you visit and they also offer a loyalty  membership club that gives members a 10% discount on all purchases, so become a regular and join up.


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