Cold Beverages from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia at TANG The Asian Food Emporium

Coconut water from Thailand

Coconut water from Thailand

As the weather heats up and we head to those hot summer days cold beverages are never more appreciated.  If you are looking for cold bottled or canned beverages from Asian destinations such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea or Malaysia you will find a great selection at TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.

The biggest selection of beverages in the store are from Japan. They stock an extensive range of Suntory beverages – their Boss canned coffee range, which includes espresso, Columbian and café au laitte flavours, their iced tea, soft drinks and bottled drinks ranges include nachan apple juice, lemon green tea and I love vegi . The Dydo bottled coffee range includes short black and deep rich black, and their canned drinks range includes a fruit smoothie. The Sangria canned coffee range includes regular and lattte. Tingyi Iced drinks include red date drink and ice red tea and Kirin family products drinks range includes lemon afternoon tea, apple juice and milk coffee. More delightful refreshments can be found at TANG The Asian Food Emporium with Pokka Sapporo ribbon drink, Maruson Kinusayaka soymilk and JFT Amazake sweet rice drink.

Taiwanese beverages include Kaisi herb drink chrysanthemum, Tropicana Chinese tea drink, Uni President Shuelshalian black tea, milk tea and rose tea, Hey Song sarsparilla drink, AGV Product multigrain activate tea, Oceanic Beverages apple sidra. Cold drinks from Thailand include the Chaokoh range of canned coconut waters, including young coconut water with jelly, coconut water and coconut juice with pulp as well as Taste Nirvana brand real coconut water. Drinks from Korea include Paldo Aloe Vera drink and sugar free Aloe Vera drink, Lotte milkis soda beverage and more Aloe Vera drinks from Yoosh with lychee flavour and a hint of honey.


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