Get The Right Ingredients To Make Your Asian Dishes Authentic

TANG The Asian Food Emporium

TANG The Asian Food Emporium

If you are working out your menus for this weekend and you fancy some authentic Asian dishes then you had best head along to TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne. There you will find such a great selection of Asian groceries you will be sure to find all the ingredients you need for some very tasty Asian meals.

Head to the freezer section and you will be thrilled at the selection of dumplings – Wang vegetable dumplings, Smile Foods Chinese cabbage and pork, spinach and pork, shrimp and pork, chives and pork dumplings, World No.1 mushroom and vegetable dumpling, Hong Men Ju seafood and pork dumplings, Be Feng Tang Shepherds Purse dumpling soup and three delicacies dumpling soup.

There’s plenty more in the freezer section, KBs prawn Gyoza and vegetable Gyoza, I Mei oriental plain and green onion flavour ready-made pancakes, Chinese Royal Kitchen Hsin Chu pork balls and pork and mushroom balls, Chenko Foods the original Peking Duck pastry and Japanese scallops,  broiled eel, Kibun Gobo Maki fish cake, mixed vege fish cake and Naruto Maki fish cake, H & D Food beef sliced and lamb sliced, Deaun Mart Shabushabu and pork belly, Tep Tayoyaki cooked octopus ball, QQ lobster ball, Eoli shrimp tray and Xing Chang Fa water chestnut, bamboo shoot and lotus root.

There’s a good selection of buns too – try Wuting Food mushroom and green vegetables, Chinese spinach or mustard and lotus root flavour buns, Chimei cabbage, sesame, mushroom, lotus root and taro flavour buns. For something a bit sweeter there’s delicious glutinous rice balls – Chinatown black sesame, red bean paste, yam paste and peanut and white sesame flavours or San Quan strawberry and green kiwi flavours and also a great range of Japanese ice creams. The selection of authentic Asian groceries from Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan is fantastic, check it out soon.


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