Season Your Asian Dishes For the Authentic Flavours of Asia

TANG stocks a variety of sauces

TANG stocks a variety of sauces

There is nothing like seasoning, condiments, sauces and bases to ensure a delectable, tasty dish. If you’re cooking Asian you’ll find the best assortment of authentic Asian groceries at TANG The Asian Food Emporium in Melbourne.

Try condiments like Tomo Foods pickles –pickled sliced lettuce, fried gluten with peanuts, pickled whole cucumbers and seasoned bamboo shoots. For seasonings there’s the Ajishima rice seasoning range and for Japanese dishes Shimaya bonito flavoured seasoning, Higashimaru ramen soup cooking seasoning and many choices in miso from brands like Miyasaka  Jyozo Co., Hanamaruki, Marukome and Miko plus MikariMiso organic miso. More flavourings from Baiweizhai Chinese mapo tofu paste, Little Sheep hot pot paste, S & B and Housefoods curry mixes mild through to hot, Wei I ground fried tuna floss, Zui Fa Food Co. frying powder for chicken and Belacon shrimp paste. Fragrant spices from Elegant Flower include star anise, Sichuan chilli and Sichuan peppercorn add that extra zing.

Asian style cooking will not be complete without sauces. Whether it’s soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, yuzu juice, deep roasted sesame dressing, veg & fruit sauce, seasoning sauces, goma sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, dumpling sauce or mayonnaise you’ll find a great selection at TANG The Asian Food Emporium.  For example, their variety of soy sauces include dark soy sauce, soy sauce paste, thin soy sauce, sweet soy sauce or tamari naturally brewed soy sauce. You’ll also find vegetarian barbeque sauce, satay black bean paste, sesame oil, cooking rice wine and mirin. Open 7 days until 11pm each night at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.


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