TANG The Asian Food Emporium New Products


Kailong brand new range seasonings and sauces

Kailong brand new range seasonings and sauces

No need to panic! TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne stays open every day of the year, including Christmas day, Boxing day, and New Year’s Day. You will find all the Asian food ingredients, snacks, desserts, sweets, fresh food, frozen food and groceries you need for celebrating and cooking up some great Asian meals.

New products on the shelves in December includes some great tastes to use on your summer dishes –

Poonsin Vietnamese dipping sauce for spring rolls from Thailand

Mae Ploy Thai style salad dressing from Thailand

Kewpie tuna and mayo and corn and mayo from Japan

And introducing a new range of Seasonings and Sauces from the Kailong brand from China (pictured above)

Many new sensational tastes are now available for your rice dishes with the introduciton of the Marumiya sprinkled rice seasoning range and the Urashima rice seasoning range, both from Japan. The Marumiya range includes kozakana (small fish), tamago (egg) and katsuo (bonito) flavours and the Urashima range includes vegetables, shrimp and nori bonito flavours.

Urashima Rice Seasoning

Urashima Rice Seasoning

The ever popular Japanese snacks range now has more tastes for you to choose –

Takara confectionery biscuit super-blend
Denroku almond-fish
Morihaku rice cracker seika wasab arare
Sanko Seika rice cracker cheese kibun
Asahi wheat flour cookie
NEWG fish and cheese sausage snack

New Japanese Snacks

New Japanese Snacks

New Rice cakes and Rice Cake Seasoning from Marumiya, Gishi, Echigo, Maruho and Daishin Shokuhin brands from Japan are now stocked on the shelves, they include –

Gishi rice cake meahara
Echigo Seika rice cake fukkura meizin marumochi
Maruho rice cake maruho sumio
Daishin Shokuhin rice cake nara kiri mochi

Marumiya rice cake sauce black sesame and matcha flavours

Call in and check out the great range of Asian foods at this store, conveniently open from 10am to 11pm daily.




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