Chinese New Year Festival Celebrations

Year Of The Monkey

The Chinese New Year Festival is a series of events, celebrating the commencement of the New Year according to the lunar calendar. Traditionally the celebrations are over 15 days. This year Chinese New Year falls on the 8th February, making New Year’s Eve the 7th February. It is the Year of the Monkey, a playful fellow.

Chinese people traditionally focus on health, wealth and family and the New Year celebrations focus on these important areas of life – your family, your fortune and the future. It also a time to symbolically cleanse the family, the household and even clothing, as this represents the shedding of the old year and the past. Before the New Year is the time for cleaning, symbolizing the brushing away of the old, similar to spring cleaning, it is thorough and areas not normally cleaned are given attention.

Old clothing is discarded and will not be worn again, whilst new clothes are purchased ready to be worn on the first day of the New Year. Decorations are generally placed to either side of the entrance door and above the door and go up on New Year’s Eve, carrying aspirational messages and good wishes for the future.
The character for “Luck “or “Fortune” is displayed upside down at the front entrance to ensure that luck comes or “arrives” for your household, your family and your business in the coming year.

This is a new beginning, and is greeted with anticipation, optimism and joy.

The Tang family are busy preparing to welcome in the New Year and are stocking the shelves of their Asian Food Supermarket, TANG The Asian Food Emporium, at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne with traditional foods and decorations.


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