TANG The Asian Food Emporium wishes you all a very happy & prosperous new year of 2016!

To celebrate the new beginning, what’s better than savouring novel snacks & refreshments sped from all over the world? As a renowned expert specialty store for Asian groceries, TANG The Asian Food Emporium is pleased to introduce a few latest trendy products selected from China & Korea in kick-starting this brand new year.

Mala Kongjian – Moshare Bubbling Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning

IMG_1613_worpdressHot Pot is never a seasonal food tailored for winter only. Spice lovers Sichuan people not only embrace the art of hot pot, but also enlighten the world in relishing the taste of this palatable feast. Blessed are we Melburnians! As a city acclaimed of “Four Seasons in a Day”, we for sure have the best excuse to enjoy hot pot whenever we want.

Yet when it comes to the practical side, the thought of having an instant & sumptuous Sichuan hot pot at home seems to be a broken dream — for you who are exhausted after a hard day’s work; for you & you who merely want to have some romantic time with good food; and for a group of you who would like to stay at home to enjoy a big party time. If this is a picture of your own concern, then simply come to TANG The Asian Food Emporium and you’ll find your problem solved. With the newly imported “Bubbling Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning” from the well-known Chengdu hot pot bento brand “Moshare”, enjoying authentic Sichuan hot pot at home is no longer a dream too far away.

“Moshare” is a famous product of the renowned Chengdu business known as “Mala Kongjian”. Come in the form of “soup base” sachet & “seasoning” sachet, the authentic taste of Sichuan can easily be relished in your home boiling pot. The “soup base” sachet adds flavour to the hot pot soup, enhancing the hot & spicy taste of the feast. The “seasoning” sachet reflects your own preference of different taste, boosting the hot & spicy or fragrant & pungent flavour of the food.

Some may ask: What exactly is “Bubbling Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning”? Theoretically it means some kind of semi-solid compound seasoning. Well, we need to understand what “bubbling” means. “Bubbling” in the realm of Sichuan hot pot, refers to the food that are cooked & floated at the surface of the boiling water. In preparing your home made Sichuan hot pot, first you need to put your own choice of food & vegetables into a pot of boiling water. When the food is boiled & floated, then you can take them out from the water for further use. After that, empty the “soup base” sachet into the water & wait till it starts to dissolve. Then the cooked food & vegetables can be poured back into the pot to be mixed well, where the fragrant Sichuan aroma spreads & lingers, whetting your appetite. Finally, it’s time to add on the flavour of the “seasoning” sachet, in which the dainty touch will then be completed and the overall taste much enhanced.

“Moshare Bubbling Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning” is the best complementary choice to all kinds of hot pot food. No matter it’s meat or vegetables, the soup base seasoning not only can enhance the essence of the food, but can also suppress any unpleasant taste, such as: fishy smell, gamey mutton, strong bean taste, etc. By adding “Moshare”, individual preference round the table can each be satisfied.

In achieving the high standard it always aims at, “Moshare” picks only the top ingredients, for instance: Sichuan pepper from Yunnan Highland, facing heaven pepper from Henan, and also Pixian doubanjiang, bringing out the perfect hot, spicy, fragrant, sour & pure taste. No matter you plan to dine alone, with your better half, or with a group of good friends, “Moshare” is your instant, convenient & delectable choice.

The hot & spicy as well as fragrant & pungent flavour of “Moshare Bubbling Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning” from “Mala Kongjian” are both available at TANG The Asia Food Emporium.

Petitzel Micho – Fruit Vinegar for Drink

IMG_1617_wordpressFrom China we have authentic Sichuan hot pot’s best companion; from Korea we bring you succulent drink that can quench your thirst. TANG The Asia Food Emporium is proud to introduce brand new Korean fruit vinegar for drink known as Petitzel Micho. With this magical fruit vinegar, you can mix & blend different kinds of specialty fruit drinks of your own choice, which is easier than you can imagine!

As a 100% fruit vinegar drink, Petitzel Micho comes in different fruity flavours: green apple, lemon & citron, pomegranate, green grape & blueberry. Simply blend your own choice of Petitzel Micho with corresponding fresh fruits and carbonated water, a luscious glass of juicy drink will then be ready for your enjoyment — green apple ade, lemon ade, grapefruit ade, green grape ade, kiwi ade, mixed berries ade etc. The versatility of this conveniently made sparkling fruity drink will for sure become your new favourite.

What’s more, if you add Petitzel Micho into different beverages according to specific ratio, you can as well enjoy a great variety of specialty drinks of different fruity flavours. For instance: yoghurt, sparkling water, beer & soju. Petitzel Micho not just brings you a succulent & trendy drink to sip & delight in, but also a fun time to share with friends & family.

Petitzel Micho (900 ml) is available at TANG The Asia Food Emporium. Every bottle comes with a bilingual “Quick! Recipe” which gives you tips in how to prepare fruity drinks easily at home.


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