Taste a variety of Snacks – Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese

 Japanese Snacks

Japanese Snacks

Snacks come in all shapes, sizes and tastes – sweet, salty, savoury, crunchy and hot. You’ll find different tastes and traditions for snacks in each of the Asian countries. At TANG The Asian Food Emporium you can source a large variety of snacks from many Asian countries. Chinese snacks, for example, include ham sausages, snack noodles, potato chips , phoenix rolls, egg rolls, preserved bean curd, spicy dried red kidney beans, preserved fruit of haw, haw cheese, haw soup, instant wheat snacks, sunflower seeds, spiced and coconut flavours, peeled roasted chestnuts, peeled roasted cashews, roasted peanuts, pineapple shortcake, fruit pastilles, jujubes, apple gummy chocolate, yoghurt gummy chocolate, tian shan red dates, and strawberry and pineapple freeze dried fruit crisps.

More delicious snacks from Taiwan include lychee coconut jelly, egg pudding jelly, dried fish fillet, fried salt fish with seaweed, pork floss with sesame and laver, fried soybean floss, choc, milk and strawberry puff, water rolls – chocolate, vanilla, almond chocolate and coconut milk flavours, choco rolls – pudding, taro, strawberry and green tea flavours, molasses candy, freeze dried peach fruit crisps, mochi – durian, cream, peanut, sesame, ube, red bean, green tea, coconut pandan, taro and milk flavours.

Korean snacks bring stronger savoury tastes with shrimp flavoured crackers, onion flavoured rings, corn chips, hot & spicy corn chips, poca chips, onion poca chips, jolly pong snack, Italian potato chips with sunflower oil, corn chee cheese corn chips, crab chip snacks, cuttle fish chip snacks and whale snacks. Their range of delicious cakes include tiramisu Italian cake, Cookie layer pie, Oh Yes choco cake, choco pie and carp bread moist & chewy cake.

All these snacks and more, including a huge range of Japanese snacks, are available at TANG The Asian Food Emporium.


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