Autumn in Melbourne Is A Reminder Of The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake packaging

Mooncake packaging

Encroaching Autumn in Melbourne brings to mind the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival that is celebrated in the northern hemisphere in mid-autumn. Based on the Chinese Lunar calendar the eighth month is the second month of autumn. At the 15th of each month the moon is full and at it’s brightest, symbolising togetherness and reunion in Chinese culture. So this year the Mid-Autumn festival will be celebrated on 15th September. For us in the southern hemisphere September is springtime, but people who live in this part of the world and come from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries or have families that come from those regions want to maintain the tradition and celebrate in keeping with their cultural homeland.  Another name for the festival is the Moon festival, for this is when moon cakes, representing the round, full moon are eaten with family amid celebrations.

Other festive foods are eaten at this time; in Chinese culture there are specific foods for specific festivals or celebrations. In Melbourne everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the Moon Festival, as there are many festivities on in Melbourne during the weeks of celebration, including lanterns, festive foods and performances. TANG The Asian Food Emporium, a popular Asian grocery/supermarket in the CBD at 187 Russell Street, stock a full range of mooncakes in time for this festival, many are in beautiful presentation tins that are highly decorative and used for gift giving to family, employees and friends.

Any time you need authentic ingredients for Asian dishes, whether Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese or Korean just call into TANG The Asian Food Emporium and you will find an astonishing range of groceries, beverages and foods.  Likewise, if you wish to celebrate a festival on the Asian calendar just ask the friendly staff for advice on the appropriate foods and you’ll be delighted with the tastes, brands and food items at this Asian wonderland of food.


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