Try Asian Desserts For a Taste Treat Like No Other

Delicious Rose or Green Tea Chocolate Cake

Delicious Rose or Green Tea Chocolate Cake

When it comes to dessert most people have a bit of a sweet tooth and love their pudding following a satisfying main course. Asian desserts offer a range of different tastes to the traditional European fare.  Glutinous rice balls or Tangyuan (balls of glutinous rice) are a popular Asian dessert any time of the year, but are actually one of the traditional foods during Donghzi, the Chinese Winter Festival, celebrated in December.  TANG The Asian Food Emporium sell a variety of flavoured Tangyuan, including yam paste, kiwi, peanut with white sesame, black sesame and red bean.

It is well worth a visit to this Asian grocery/supermarket just to see the different flavoured ice creams on offer. They are mostly sourced from Japan with intriguing flavours such as Azuki (from Azuki beans), black sesame, green tea. For a delicious cake try the Sylveine chocolate cake in either rose flavour or green tea flavour; then there’s the hakatou cream soft cake peach or the Kracie decoration cake.

If you love fruity lollies you’ll go crazy over the flavours stocked on these shelves. Try DOO kororo grape premium gummy candy, Umeboshi Candy Plum Flavour, kiwifruit, muscat, lemonade or mango gummy candy or blueberry marshmallows. There’s a huge selection of biscuits in amazing packaging like Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Hello Panda to name a few and chocolates galore, the Pokky chocolate range is probably the most popular.
You don’t usually walk into a supermarket or a convenience store to buy a Kitkat and come across flavours such as cheesecake, matcha green tea, sweet chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream or strawberry!  But at TANG the Asian Food Emporium you will, as they stock the KitKat imported range, with a stack of amazing flavours. Do your tastebuds a favour and check out these flavours at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.


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