Wintery Weather Hot Pot Warming, Soups and Chinese Medicine


eating hotpot

Wintery weather makes us want to snuggle up in front of a fire or eat warming, spicy food to keep ourselves warm against the bitter winds and icy rain. There’s nothing better than a spicy hot pot shared with family or friends. You can make your own spicy recipe or simply buy Little Sheep Hot Pot Paste or Zhoujunji Soup Base for Hot & Spicy Hot Pot and Little sheep Hot Pot Mate Condiment Sauce at TANG The Asian Food Emporium in Melbourne. The fun really is all the ingredients you have ready for your family or guests to pop into the hot pot. There’s QQ Lobster Ball, Chinese Royal Kitchen Chicken & Mushroom Dumplings or Pork & Cabbage Dumplings, Hong Men Ju Seafood & Pork Dumplings and many more dumplings, Nan Xiang Vegetable Wonton. This well stocked Asian Grocery Store also carries Shan Shan Bean Threads, Golden Swallow Premium Quality White Fungus, Tofu, Xin Chan Fa frozen Cooked Water Chestnut, Winter Bamboo Shoot and Lotus Root Slices, as well as quality fresh produce.

If you are a student or work late and want your soup ready-made there’s Bi Feng Tang Three Delicacies Dumpling Soup and Shepherds Purse Dumpling Soup. There’s also the Wuting Food Frozen Steamed Bun range with Chinese Spinach flavour and Mustard & Bamboo Shoots. And if you are starting to pick up a cold or virus there’s quite an extensive range of Chinese medicines available, including Sanjing Ginseng Royal Jelly, Song Shu Pai Panax Ginseng Extraction and Madame Pearl Cough Syrup. Call in to 185 Russell Street, Melbourne to pick up your Chinese groceries anytime from 10am to 11pm, 7 days a week.


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