Weird Japanese Snacks Can Be Found in Melbourne’s CBD

When it comes to weird food combos and strange imagery on packaging it’s hard to go past some of the more “out there” Japanese snacks. For your next party or gathering be sure to grab some of these, they’ll make a great talking point!  TANG The Asian Food Emporium have a massive selection of Japanese groceries and snacks and we present a few of the weirder snacks, fun snacks and cute snacks.


If you like your packaging bright, colourful and full on you have to try this fella from Bourbon Products: Kikori No Kiri Baku biscuit.

And his cousin, Everyburger biscuit. Haha, ofcourse you want a biscuit burger in between having the real thing! And for a complete change of flavour how about the Tiyoda Syokuhin Co. Fish Sausage?


What about vegetable flavour candy? Ofcouse there’s lots of other gummy candy flavours from Kasugi Kiui, like pineapple, mango, kiwifruit and grape but you haven’t lived til you try vegetable!
Apart from strange taste ideas and startling imagery, there’s the cute packaging that kids love, and the girls too ……

Check out  Lion Kuma Kara candy, ooooh he’s so gorgeous!  And so cuuuute Kanro Boyaki Penguin candy!

For fun packaging you can’t go past the Tohato Pocket Monsters snacks,Strawberry Choco Pea and Pokemon.

IMG_6765-tohato--pocket-monsters-pokemon-snack--japan IMG_3369-tohato--strawberry-choco-pea



You like your snacks hot?  Try Noriton Wasabi IMG_3198-jft--noriten-wasabi--snacksnack, dare you!

Call in to TANG The Asian Food Emporium on your way home from work or uni, it’s conveniently located in the CBD at 185 Russell Street and open until 11pm every night of the year.  You will find a great range of food and ingredients from China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.


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