Time To Get Ready For the Moon or Mid Autumn Festival


Wing Wah Mooncakes

Wing Wah Mooncakes

It’s time to prepare to celebrate the Moon Festival, which falls on September 15th in this year of the monkey.  Recognition of the relationship between the movement of the moon and agricultural production lead to the earliest celebrations, with ancient Chinese offering thanks to the moon and sacrifices during autumn in the Zhou dynasty (1046 – 256 BC), most often by the royal class at the autumn equinox.  During the Tang dynasty (618 – 907 AD) it became a folk festival, adopted by the common people. The closest full moon day to the autumn equinox was chosen as the most suitable day for the festival and falls upon the fifteenth day of the eight month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

The moon cake is the special food for the Moon Festival; its round shape symbolising the reunion of the family. These days moon cakes are presented to family members and friends to wish them a long and happy life.  During the Moon Festival (or Mid Autumn Festival) families gather together to eat moon cakes under the full moon and remember family members not present.  There are many very beautiful presentation boxes of moon cakes and a wonderful selection can be found at the TANG Asian Food Emporium, 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.

This year they are stocking some gorgeous presentation boxes from Mei Xin. For those that are on a low sugar diet there’s a low sugar white lotus seed flavour and white lotus seed with pine nuts flavour.

Mei Xin Assorted Gift Pack

Mei Xin Assorted Gift Pack

There’s a  a great selection of fillings, such as white lotus seeds with egg yolk or 3 egg yolks, red bean paste, oolong tea paste or mixed nuts.

Other beautiful presentation packs also by Wing Wah and Elegant Flower.

The TANG family hope all their customers enjoy a very auspicious celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival.


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