Dongzhi – The Winter Solstice Festival

Tomorrow, on the 21st and then on the 22nd of December, we will be celebrating Dongzhi – The Winter Solstice Festival. If you are busy and have not had time to prepare Tangyuan or Dumplings, don’t worry. Here at Tang: The Asian Food Emporium we have a wide selection of delicious rice balls, sauces and dumplings for your eating pleasure.


The Winter Solstice Festival originated from the tradition of the Han Dynasty 202BC–220AD and continued to thrive during the Tang and Song Dynasty 618–1279. In the past during these times people placed great importance on this festival. All over China people were given a one day holiday to celebrate the event.


Zhang Zhongjing, the scholar who created Tangyuan

It was a day on which to celebrate the turning of the seasons. From this day on the bitter cold winters would begin to soften and in a few months there was the promise of Spring.

Today it is a time here in Australia to take stock of your year. It is the holiday period with festivities lasting over several weeks. Studies are set aside, people take annual leave. So set time aside to enjoy a traditional Dongzhi meal with family and friends.

Dumplings, Tangyuan, noodles, wonton – all offer delicious options for that celebratory and festive meal.

Traditionally a meal at this time of red bean and glutinous rice was believed to ward off ghosts and evil things. This may or may not be true but a meal with family is always that happy occasion. So select your favourite dumplings or Tangyuan, enjoy your meal and look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.


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