Chinese New Year at TANG The Asian Food Emporium

This year the Chinese New Year begins on January 28th 2017.  Traditionally known as the Spring Festival, it ends two weeks later with what is traditionally known as the Lantern Festival. In Melbourne Festival sites are planned for Chinatown, Docklands and Southbank and Federation Square.

Homes are now being cleaned to spotless in preparation and ‘the old’ makes way for the “new.”  In China every home is proudly  decorated with special banners, many in reds and golds symbolising happiness and prosperity.

It is truly a family occasion with everyone preparing for wonderful meals and reunions.  Children look forward to gifts and red pockets – red pockets with lucky money.

This year is the year of the Rooster.  It promises to be a powerful one.  It symbolises a time to move forward.  Sticking with well proven paths to ensure success.

The TANG Asian Food Emporium offer the tried and true ingredients you require for every occasion. Whether its preparing with your friends to celebrate or creating the full festive dinner for family, over the next few weeks we will provide you with some excellent ideas.  For youngstudents and workers away from home, come in we have all the chocolates, confectionery, soft drinks and quick meals to remind you of your home and your family.

Visit TANG at 185 Russell St, Melbourne.

Visit TANG at 185 Russell St, Melbourne.


Over the next few weeks we we will bring you news of all the exciting festivities to occur over the New Year period.  So for now prepare.  There isn’t long to go! At TANG we have the latest in banners and decorations with a wide range of festive foods specially ordered for New Year.  Come in and browse.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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