Happy New Year!!

chinese-year-of-the-rooster-tangYes, the New Year Festival (or Spring Festival as it is known in China) is just about upon us! Only two more sleeps.

By now you will have finished your big cleanup and the house is prepared and ready for visitors and celebrations. Your home now sparkles from top to bottom with the dust and sediment of the old removed and the light now shining in to welcome the new.

Your family, your fortune and your future stand ready to shed the old year and embrace the new.

Children are excited and anticipating ‘Red Envelopes’, perhaps with clean new money! Soon the family will all meet for a celebratory meal on New Year’s Eve and so it is now time to plan your menu, find those New Year’s cookies and lucky sweets and prepare for a truly joyous occasion.

New clothes are laid out and ready for the big event and the old clothes have been discarded. New suits, new shirts, new shoes for men, new dresses, gowns, blouses and shoes for women.

New Years Decorations have now to be hung up and placed on New Year’s Eve above and on either side of the front door. Inspiring messages for the future wishing Health, Prosperity and Joy.

Those hung above the front door symbolise travel. The front door carries the symbol for Luck or Fortune and it is traditionally displayed upside down. When spoken phonetically it sounds like the Chinese word for ‘Arrive’ and in displaying it so it is believed the ‘Luck’ will ‘arrive’ at your home for the coming year and you and your family will enjoy its great benefit.

profile-pic-new-20140905aPlease come visit us at Tang: The Asian Food Emporium to pick up all your last minute New Year’s requirements – New Year’s Cake, Lucky Candy, special gifts (such as ‘Bird’s nest’), red envelopes and traditional decorations – as well as our usual full range of foods (including fresh), rice wines, saki and other delights.

And remember – at Tang, the store will be open as usual right through the whole New Year’s Festival. We will be here waiting to serve you and help you welcome 2017 – The Year of the Rooster.

Happy New Year from the Tang family and all our staff.


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