New to Tang – Treats for Toddlers

At Tang: the Asian Food Emporium we stock a range of foods suitable for young children – for when a child transitions from liquids to solids, and when they are teething. Here are some new additions to our ranges, especially for mums, parents and grandparents. Treats for children that really help with young toddlers, teething and comfort.


From Japan we have Haihain, kameda rice crackers, made from glutinous rice, skim milk, high in calcium. A simple snack for young teething children.


Also from Japan we have Tamago Tappuri Boro, little biscuity snack balls made from Potato, egg and skim milk – a sweet snack, that keeps them happy.

Then we have three types of cookies from Japan – with happy faces.


Ampanman Biscuits are small milk biscuits with smiling faces made from wheat and skim milk. Children love them and they make a nice simple snack.

Morinaga biscuits come as smiling faces and thin vanilla strips. Both are made from flour and skim milk and are high in calcium.

For morning snacks and playtime snacks these are perfect.

As well we have new fruit jellies and fruit slices.


Try the delicious Apple flavoured jelly from Kominami. Each container has enough for you and your child – or simply place it in the fridge til next time.


As well there is a delightful Grape jelly from Kominami.


Fruit strips from ‘iFactory’ are a delicious and simple snack for children. This one is new and is flavoured Umeboshi plum.


And finally new White Milk Chocolate for Kids from the Fujiya company of Japan. Kids love white chocolate and every child needs a little treat.

So come in and browse. These are all NEW, but we also have a wide stock of popular confectionery, beverages (drinks) and snack foods from Japan and all over Asia. Whether it’s a visit from your grandchild, or niece or nephew, be ready to make sure it’s a happy visit.

And if you’re a mum or dad? Go on, spoil them, give them a sweet treat. You know they’ll love it.

Tang: The Asian Food Emporium – where Asia comes to you – at 151 Russell St, Melbourne.


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