Delicious Japanese Snacks from TANG

At Tang: The Asian Food Emporium we have so many popular treats from Asia and we would love you to know what we have. From Wasabi flavoured KitKats to Nissin’s Premium Granola, Country Ma’am Matcha Parfaits to Lotte Chocopie Matcha Biscuits, its all here waiting for you to pick up and enjoy!


Let’s start the day with a Granola from Calbee. This popular Japanese breakfast cereal is rated on top for flavour, fruit content, coconut and tasty popped wheat and rye – it comes in a handy vacuum sealed pack of 200g ready to eat.


Or you can try the Nissin Premium Granola. This one includes oats, soya bean derivatives, green tea (matcha), dried strawberry, chestnut paste and dried red beans. The Matcha flavouring is the perfect start to the day – and its good for you!

Okay so its early – who says you can’t nibble on some delicious chocolate? Try Matcha KitKats or our Wasabi KitKats – for a little extra kick! Both come 12 to a pack – don’t feel guilty, we are talking 64 calories per piece for the Wasabi KitKats and 65 calories per piece for the Matcha KitKats. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is helpful included in your diet.


Snack time? Whether you are at home or at work try Petit Chocopie from Lotte of Japan. These sweet little chocolate beauties come in packs of 8 and are filled with a creamy matcha centre. Perfect for morning or afternoon tea.


Or how about Peach Blanche by Bourbon. A delicate peach flavoured iced cake slice, 5 per pack – Gorgeous.


And keeping with the matcha theme, why not enjoy a Matcha Marshmallow from Eiwa in your beverage – or simply by itself. Eiwa Milk Matcha Marshmallows come conveniently in a 75g pack.


Tang also carries the very popular Japanese desserts from from Country Ma’am and Marukyo. Country Ma’am offer a flavoursome Matcha Parfait style biscuit sweet. From the Fujiya Company there are 14 to a pack so plenty for that dinner party dessert you are planning.

And last but definitely not least there are the popular and flavoursome Pancake Dorayaki in Matcha or plain flavour made with wheat and red bean paste. Top them off with a Pear Flavoured La France Jelly from Kominami.


These are just some of the more popular snacks and products currently on offer at Tang: The Asian Food Emporium.

We offer one of Melbourne’s most extensive, up to date range of Asian Groceries, snacks, sweets, frozen and fresh produce, at our store located at 151 Russell Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

Please check out our website, come down to our store and browse. You’ll be sure to find your favourites and much, much more.


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