Gimbap, Egg Rolls, Delicious Rice Rolls and Sauces

Lets start rolling – with delicious Egg Rolls (China), Gimbap (Korea) or Sushi Rolls (Japan) known there as Hosomoki. And we need dipping sauces – preferably hot to the taste!

Here at Tang we can supply you with all the right ingredients to make these delicious and satisfying treats.

This week we will present some of the more popular products you need to use to create the very best Gimbap, Egg Rolls and sauces for dipping.


From Korea we present a range of Grilled Laver (Seaweed) for making and rolling Gimbap – seaweed rice rolls with your choice of ingredients – beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables. Gimbap (or Kimbap) are served with a soya dipping sauce or a chilli soya dipping sauce. Or for the really adventurous – a hot hot pepper sauce.

The big difference between Gimbap and Sushi is the filling. Sushi use steamed white rice flavoured with vinegar. Gimbap uses a sesame oil and is generally sweeter.

Try the Sempio brand with 50% less salt. Easy to use this is the Korean version of the popular Japanese Seaweed – Nori. It’s grilled and dry. Buy a 6 pack and get two packs free!

Or for a different flavour select the Samsung company’s roasted and seasoned Laver. This product uses corn oil, perilla oil, sesame oil and salt in the roasting process. It has a nutty flavour and is excellent for just that little subtle difference in serving your Gimbap Rice Rolls with chicken or beef. Here you buy 8 and get 2 free in a pack of 10!

Similar again from Sejong Global we have another roasted Laver (seaweed), again using corn oil, sesame oil and salt. Perfect for all your Gimbap recipes. Buy 8 and again get 2 packs free in the handy 10 pack package.


For something quite different why not try preprepared Egg Roll casings made from Purple Sweet Potatoes. Exciting and eye catching, a wonderful addition to that special meal. From hong Kong these shells come four to a pack and are made by LFY (HK) Limited – bright and beautiful – these egg rolls will not only look spectacular but will taste superb.

Tang have a full range of Soy Sauces and Soy dipping sauces and pastes.

But lets get really adventurous – lets prepare some hot dipping sauces. to do so you will need some high quality hot pepper pastes. Here we offer you two brands, both excellent and very popular.


First from Taeyangcho company of Korea we have four popular Red Pepper Pastes. Two have soya bean and rice bases. Sold in handy margarine style containers each weigh 500g and in Korean terms hold 17 servings per pack. One is a medium hot pepper paste, the other is Very Hot and if this is based on Korean standards that is HOT! Mix it with soy sauce, or sesame oil for a great dipping sauce.These also come in fermented varieties being hot – and very hot! Fermented varieties also have added malt and rice wine spirit.

Try them and you will no doubt be back for more.

Tang: The Asian Food Emporium is open from 10am until 11pm. 7 days per week at 185 Russell St. Check our website for our full range of products


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