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Jujube (Red Date) – The World’s First Fruit

Jujube or Red Date is native to China, Japan and much of South East Asia. The fruit grows on a small tree that is about 9 metres high. As the tree matures, it loses its thorny spines and its fragrant yellow flowers go on to form mature reddish brown oval fruits – the Jujube. At Tang: The Asian Food Emporium we stock a full range and variety of Jujube for your selection.


The flavour is described as being like a combination of apples and chocolate. The fruit of the Jujube tree has been used for Chinese Medicine for well over 10,000 years. Poets extolling its virtues were recognised as early 600BC. It is considered curative for kidneys, lung and liver complaints. There are over 400 cultivars of this wonderful fruit.

Jujubes here in Australia are most commonly available in dried form.

Here are some of the packaged branded varieties stocked at Tang: The Asian Food Emporium.


The ‘Hami Date’ is produced in ‘the western region’ by Datang or to give the company its full name ‘Xinjiang Datang in Western Region Agriculture Ecological Technology Co Ltd.’ Quite a mouthful but these Red Dates are delicious. These are graded as ‘No 1’ and will provide you with 400g of health delight. Look for the boy and the camel on the pack.


Another popular variety is the Zhishen Xinjiang Jujube prepared by Zhanahua Kingman Food Ltd. Sold in packaging with a clear window, buyers can see the plump ripe dates ready to eat on offer. It is a clean well prepared product ready for use in soup or porridge – or just eat from the bag.


Another popular Jujube is the Hetian variety or ‘Hetian Jade Variety’. This is a bigger date with a thicker skin, high in Vitamin C, this fruit is often called a ‘natural vitamin pill’ by those who regularly consume it.


Again from Xinjiang Datang in Western Region Agriculture Ecological Technology Co Ltd and branded Hotan Jun Date, this is a ‘Grade 1’ date. Seeds are removed for your convenience. Again look for the boy and the camel on the pack. Each pack is 400g chock full of dates ready to eat.

At Tang we also stock Sour Jujube Preserves, Jujube Crisps and Winter Crispy Jujube.


Sour Jujube Preserves are from the Haoxiangi Jujube Industry Co Ltd and have a delicious outer coating Look for the green packet branded Meirimiyue and enjoy this sweet delight. Each packet is 200g.


From the same company enjoy Jujube Crisps. A great nutritious snack, try a packet (108g). Look for the pink packet with the picture of the crisps on the front with the young girl relaxing.


Lastly from Three Squirrels we have Winter Crispy Jujube. Each pack of 180g is full of nutritious, healthy jujube goodness. This is another great snack to keep you going in your busy day.

The Jujube or Red Date has been described as the ‘World’s First Fruit’.


When choosing a snack why not choose one that has recognised health benefits? From ancient times, jujube has been used in treating ailments, improving the skin, cleansing the blood, relieving stress, strengthening the immune system, protecting the liver, aiding in weight loss, stimulating restful sleep, increasing bone mineral density and detoxifying the body. That’s quite a list of achievements.

You can make your selection from Tang: The Asian Food Emporium located at 185 Russell St in Melbourne’s CBD.

Find our Jujube selections here in our store. Remember to ask our helpful staff for their advice and direction. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Get On Top of Coughs and Colds With Chinese Herbal Medicine Cures At This Asian Grocery Store

TANG The Asian Food Emporium

TANG The Asian Food Emporium

At this time of the year as we head into winter there can be a lot of colds, flus and viruses to contend with.  For well-being and the treatment of minor illness there is a good range of Chinese herbal cures available at TANG The Asian Food Emporium (formerly Great Eastern Food Centre).  This leading Asian Grocery Store and Supermarket stocks Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal Cough & Throat Syrup, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Kids Cold Reliever Oral Liquid, Cold & Cough Granules, Golden Throat Lozenges, Madame Pearl’s Cough Syrup F2, Decongestant Analgesic Ointment, Cough Mixture Ubat Batuk Cap and Pei Pa Lo Cough Mixture Oral Liquid for coughs and colds. Vitamin C is a suggested supplement to help fight colds and coughs so stock up on Dekavita C Soft Drink and Oronamin C, also at TANG.

We all know chicken soup is the best thing when you are feeling under the weather and you can pick up Xiang Wei Dun Ji Tang Stewed Chicken Soup Mix or Mix Dun Ji Tang Liao Chicken Soup Mix at this well stocked Asian Grocery Store in the heart of Melbourne. They stock an interesting variety of curative soup mixes on their shelves. You will find Ginseng Qing Bu Tang Ginseng Soup Mix, Shi Quan Da Bu Tang Ten Herbs Supplement Soup Mix, Du Zhong Bu Yao Tang Eucommia Chinese Soup Mix and Zi Yin Run Feng Tang Tonic Soup.

Ginseng is an important Chinese herbal medicine which is used and sold quite extensively throughout Australia, but get the best sourced Ginseng at this Asian Grocers.  Call into 185 Russell Street, Melbourne any day of the week between 10am and 11pm to buy your Ginseng extract and Ginseng Royal Jelly, cold and cough cures, soups and a range of other Chinese medicines, balms and oils.