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Latest New Products from Korea, Japan and China

It’s time to view more new products now stocked at Tang: The Asian Food Emporium. These are all new on our shelves and just waiting for you to try them. Topokki Sauces from Korea, Pasta Sauces from Japan.Peanut treats from Japan, Dried Blueberries from China (high in antioxidants).

And for snacking – special dipping chips which are very ‘moreish’, one chicken flavoured and one ranch style – onion and pickle, both from Korea.


Finally let’s not forget those with a sweet tooth – Elise Hokkaido Cream Wafer Biscuits – so yummy! Wash it all down with Pasion, a cordial base drink made form Ao-ume (Plum) and Honey.


For the vegetarians let’s start with Bibigo Soybean Paste Stew. With mixed vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, King Oyster mushrooms, radish, green onion and red peppers – seasoned with soya bean paste, real pepper powder, salt, clam stock, kelp, anchovy and garlic extract, it’s a powerful taste sensation straight from Korea. Just enough for you. Microwave and eat!

Snack on Peanut treats from Popponuts savoury yet sweet –  with shrimp or prawns. At 75 to 80g, just enough peanut goodness for you.


At Tang we have 6 new Topokki sauces. These are prepared for dipping rice cakes in – Sempio has sweet and mild or spicy – with enough in each 150g pack for 3 servings.

Try the Hot Pepper Topokki for something that extra little bit spicy. Or the Sweet and Spicy Sauce from Beksul – both red and black pepper – to tickle your taste buds! Chung Jung One offer the final new sauce in our Topokki sauce range – Spicy and Sweet with a touch of Oyster extract – in the ‘home made’ style.

Maybe you prefer a more traditional Pasta Sauce? Go out on a limb and try the Japanese versions of ‘Napolitan’ or ‘Arrabatia’ from the Pasta Kitchen Range. Both are designed for a quick snack for one. Prepare your pasta, heat your sauce and serve – so delicious!

And to finish off your meal try the really flavoursome Dried Blueberries from Three Squirrels. Share them or keep them all to yourself – if you can. Try them with Hokkaido Azuki Cream Wafers – melt in your mouth sweet biscuit treats filled with a delicious red bean (Azuki) paste. From Bourbon Elise of Japan, these are a gorgeous sweet treat to finish any meal – or just snack on.

And lastly check out our new dipping chips from Korea. Try Chicken or Ranch Sauce, savoury and the perfect snack.

Find all these items and more on our website then visit us at 185 Russell St, Melbourne, 7 days per week from 10am til 11pm.

At Tang: The Asian Food Emporium you will truly find the taste of Asia. Enjoy!