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The Delicious Jellyfish Delicacy


Calling all adventurous eaters! How would you like to try something new? Something different? Well, we at Tang Food Emporium might have found your next biggest at-home culinary hit.

We’re sure you’ve tried the delicious flavours and textures of calamari, shellfish and crustaceans, but how about Jellyfish?  This sea creature happens to be an extremely sustainable and when prepared correctly (those of the kind that are not poisonous), is a delicious and eatable marine species!

Conveniently, while populations of other marine creatures we consume have decreased due to global overfishing and environmental threats, Jellyfish continue to thrive in even the toughest oceanic conditions.

Okay, we bet that by now you’re at least a little bit intrigued…

How does Jellyfish taste?

The texture of this well known sea creature has been likened to fresh squid, with a slightly more salty flavour and more of a ‘crunch’.

Often stocked in Chinese markets, Jellyfish can commonly be found dried, salted, semi-dried or sealed fresh. Served alone or mixed into traditional dishes, Jellies add an Asian flavour to even the most European dishes including roasted duck and chicken.


If you’re a beginner, we recommend trying this ancient Chinese delicacy in a salad with additional proteins and lots of soy sauce or vinegar. Some of the most popular recipes include marinated sesame jellyfish with a variety of condiments including chilli, garlic, onion and infused oils.

If you’re a little hesitant or don’t know where to begin, we at Tang Food Emporium are here to make your first experience with Jellyfish easy, exciting and enjoyable! Pop in-store and chat to our friendly staff that can point you in the right direction.