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What Is The Difference Between Rice Wine or Rice Vinegar?

rice vinegar and bowl
Do you get confused about the difference between rice vinegar and rice wine when cooking your Asian dishes? You are not alone, it is a common cause for confusion, particularly amongst non-Asian cooks trying out delicious Asian recipes. Some of the confusion comes from the term rice wine vinegar for rice vinegar. Both rice vinegar and rice wine are made from fermented rice, but different processes are employed.

Freshly steamed glutinous rice is fermented to make rice wine, which has a comparatively low alcohol content compared to other wines and beer. Sake and mirin are common rice wines. You will find that Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese rice wines are all quite different in clarity and flavour. To make rice vinegar bacteria is added, which turns the alcohol into an acid.

Black rice vinegar is very popular in Southern China , it is dark in colour and has a deep, almost smoky flavour. It works well in braised dishes and as a dipping sauce. Red rice vinegar is lighter than the black rice vinegar and is a lovely mix of tart and sweet. Good for dipping sauces and noodle, soup and seafood dishes. White rice vinegar is colourless and has a higher vinegar content with a hint of sweetness. It is great for pickling vegetables, in stir fries and for sweet and sour dishes.
Rice wine is great when you want to add depth or sweetness to a dish, especially shao hsing cooking wine, which is aged and mellow. Rice wine can be used in stir-fries, braises and stocks. And of course you can drink it with your meal – sake is traditionally served with Japanese food and can be taken hot or cold, depending on the type of sake.

You will find a good selection of rice wines and rice vinegars at TANG The Asian Food Emporium at 185 Russell Street, Melbourne.


Rice Wines and Many Flavoured Vinegars For Asian Dishes At This Asian Grocery Store

Shoppers at TANG The Asian Food Emporium

Shoppers at TANG The Asian Food Emporium

Japanese and Chinese cuisines often require rice wines and vinegars to add that authentic flavour. If you are looking for cooking wines and vinegars for your Asian meals you owe it to yourself to visit Melbourne’s leading Asian food emporium at 185 Rusell Street.  TANG The Asian Food Emporium has an extensive range of Asian groceries from most Asian countries and their range of cooking wines and vinegars certainly doesn’t disappoint.

For example, some of the products you will find are the Mizkan brand of cooking rice wine and sushi seasoning, key ingredients for sushi from Japan, as well as the Bigwest brand of Hinode Mirin sweet cooking sauce. Also stocked on the shelves are cooking wines from China, for example the Guandong Shiwan brand  shiwan mijiu cooking wine, Pagoda brand shaoxing rice wine and the Fine Cook brand Chinese cooking wine. From Taiwan you will find the Lily brand of cooking mijiu range.

When it comes to vinegars you will find a wonderful range of flavours from China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Some delicious tastes are the Japanese Mizken brand grain flavoured distilled vinegar and the Shih Chuan brand longan & red date vinegar from Taiwan. A delicate apple vinegar is also produced by the Shih Chuan brand.  The Kong Yen black vinegar from Taiwan is a stronger flavour  and China also produces the Donghu brand of shanxi superior mature vinegar and the Gold Plum brand of chiankiang vinegar in the stronger flavoured style. From Hong Kong you will find the Pun Chun brand vinegar sauce. So whatever style of vinegar you need for your authentic Asian dish a visit to TANG The Asian Food Emporium is recommended. You are sure to be delighted by the range of Asian brands and groceries.