Melbourne Night Noodle Markets

So you love Asian food. It’s still warm and evenings are delightful. It’s time to get on down to Birrarung Marr (access from Federation Square or Batman Ave) and let your tastebuds guide you every night to a wonderful selection of Hawker style Asian market food.


A full menu of every possible Asian food selection is there for you to select and all you need to do is select – swipe your card – and eat. No cash required. Prices range from $5.00 to $20.00.

Looking through the menu (see here) there are many different foods apart from just noodles. Skewers of pork, Beef, Chicken and Seafood, Grilled Fish, Chicken Wings, Satays, Sliders, Pancakes, Pork Buns, Pad Thai, Ribs and Waffles – there is something for everyone. Sweet delights and cool drinks. What a way to spend a late summer evening (OK it’s Autumn but you know what we mean).

Many popular food venues operate stalls at the Night Noodle Markets. Chin Chin, Mamok, Izakaya Den and Longrain will again be there with a whole range of new stalls – Kong, Red Spice Road, Charlie Dumpling, Mr Cyclo and Mr Miyagi. Sit back, chill out, enjoy a drink and listen to the cool sounds from Melbourne’s favourite DJs. A coffee from St Ali’s and hey, you’re on your way.

At Tang (just walk up Russell St, over the hill, over Collins, over Bourke and find us at 185 Russell St) you will find one of the biggest and most extensive ranges of Asian noodles in Melbourne.

Whether it’s instant, pre-cooked or traditional noodles from China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore or Thailand, Tang: The Asian Food Emporium stocks the best quality noodles selected for you from all over Asia.

Here are a few:

Egg Noodles

These are the noodles of choice for use in Stir Fries.

Made from Wheat flour and eggs there are many different brands and subtle differences in flavour and appearance. Generally in simple terms this noodle is thin and flat not unlike linguini. First cooked in boiling water they are then fried in the finished dish, lightly, and tossed to ensure non sticking.

Soba or Buckwheat Noodles.

These noodles originated in Japan and are usually thin and made from Buckwheat, or a combination of Buckwheat and Wheat flours (Nagano Soba). The thicker wheat noodles in Japan are known as Udon Noodles. For those who are vegetarian or live on a diet loaded with white rice and wheat flour, Soba provides thiamine (Vitamin B) and is very helpful in providing some of the B vitamin group required for healthy living. It contains all eight essential amino acids.

Singapore Style Noodles

Singapore Style Noodles is actually a dish of stir fried rice vermicelli, but the name is not accurate. It is a style of dish with curry, vegetables, scrambled eggs, meat (chicken, pork, beef or prawns) very commonly found in Cantonese style restaurants and takeaways in Hong Kong but rarely found in Singapore. It is very popular here and in Canada, Britain and the US. The standard ingredient is however a rice vermicelli.

For a full view of our noodle range please come in and have a browse, our staff will be only too happy to assist you in making the right choice to suit your taste and your needs. You can browse here on our website to get a good idea of what noodles we have and where in store they are located.

So get on down to the Noodle Night Market and don’t forget, drop into Tang afterwards to pick up some real noodles for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Tang: The Asian Food Emporium where you will find Melbourne’s best selection of noodles.

Happy Noodle Month!


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